Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

The Legend Returns....

Back in 2005, a show debuted on Adult Swim called 12 Oz. Mouse.  OzMo, as we fans called it, was the creation of Matt Maiellaro, who had also worked on Space Ghost Coast 2 Coast and Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

And it was pure genius.

OzMo is one of those shows I can't really recommend because it is so bizarre.  I know people who absolutely hated it.  I know people who were thoroughly confused by it.  I loved the show and I was still confused by some of it (just less than others).  A combination of aggressive minimalism, absurdist humor, and an atmosphere of uncertainty, it was, is, and always will be one of my favorite series.

When the show first ran, I religiously recorded every episode, seven episodes in the original run.  The second season was supposed to be 20 episodes, but was cut down to 13.  I recorded the last episode, thinking that was the end.

Today, I find out there was a 21st episode.  The real ending.

I have it.  I also have the webisode that was supposed to continue the series, but only one episode of it was ever completed and run, so I have that to view what could have been.  But I have an episode I didn't even know existed that went at the end of the run.

This weekend, I am going to shotgun the entire series from start to finish, culminating in viewing the final episode that I didn't even know existed.  4 hours of pure art.  Christmas can't match the anticipation and excitement I am feeling at the prospect of this.  And I will mark the grave of anyone who interrupts me.
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