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The List -- A Sine Timore Production

End of the month.  How are things going?  I'm glad you asked!

SOUND WAVES:  Scripts are complete.  Unless any more ideas hit me (which is always possible), Sound Waves will clock in at 15 issues and then be over.  For now, anyway.  We'll see where it goes after that.

Issue #3 is lettered and at the printer now, I should have issues in plenty of time for the December release.

Issue #4 is lettered and in the can, waiting to send it off.

Penciling has slowed down a bit.  I have up to page 3 and half of page 4 of #7 done.  I probably would have had 4 done, except I got hit with some sort of cold/flu/whatever this week.  I really didn't feel like doing anything really constructive.  I probably could have pushed, but that puts me at risk of burnout, which I really don't want.  Besides, Sound Waves is quarterly.  I'm almost a year ahead of deadline here.  I can afford to ease off the throttle for a little bit.  All that said, though, I better have #7 done by the end of November.

HEAD ABOVE WATER:  Also hit by the production downcurve.  While it's obvious with Sound Waves because I can do the pages relatively quickly, Head Above Water is more detailed so any decrease in output is less noticable.  But I sure as hell notice it.

About halfway through the script for #4.  I hope to have #5, the final issue, done by the end of the year.

Pencils and inks for #2 are done.  I have done most of page 1 and all of page 2 for #3.  Page 1 isn't done yet because I'm sort of drawing around it.  There are a few crowd scenes in the panels.  I've drawn in Amber, Becca, and relevant props, and that's it.  The rest of the panels are blank.  When a day hits when I'm not feeling especially creative, I'll pull the page out and work on drawing in all the people around them.  Nothing lettered yet.  I'm going to keep moving forward, and I think I'm going to self-publish this one.  It WILL launch no later than March 2010, I want all five issues out before the ChicagoCon hits.

GAME DEVELOPMENT:  Still working my way around FreeBASIC and Pascal.  I was on the coder channel bitching about the lack of documentation for Pascal, and someone pointed me to the All Time Grand Champion Hall Of Famer reference for FreePascal, so I'm giving it another shot.
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