Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

How The Obamacare Ruling Makes Fools Of Us All

As you may have guessed, I don't read a lot of commentators, conservative or liberal.  Most of them seem more interested in advancing their personal ideologies than actually examining and commenting on the events they cover (Dennis Byrne was one person who could have me holding my head in my hands by the third paragraph).  The primary difference between what the two sides write about comes down to who is in political power at the time.  The group who isn't in charge will throw themselves on the hobbling wheel to let everyone know what martyrs they are, and the one that is will be smug condescension, assuring themselves that the general populous views them as the guardians of all that is right and maintaining the world they have made idyllic.

Yeah.  Not impressed with either of them.

Days like today, I actively dread reading anything from either of them, but I'm especially dreading those on the left.  The Obamacare subsidies were just upheld by a 6-3 decision.  This wasn't a swing vote squeaker like the original Obamacare hearing, this was a solid affirmation.

Considering how much I despise most conservative commentators, such as Ann Coulter (I refered to her once as "the Cruella de Ville of the Right"), you'd think they'd be the ones that I seek to avoid.  However, it's the liberal commentators, simply because of the past few months.

Up until today, every time I check my news feed, there were breathless articles about the Supreme Court and how it needs to be reformed because it doesn't represent the will of the people (IT'S NOT SUPPOSED TO, IT'S SUPPOSED TO REPRESENT THE LAW, YOU CIVICS CLASS MORONS!).  This spurred from concerns the Supes would not uphold the subsidies.  This was not an unreasonable fear -- if the Supes agree to hear a case, you have a better than even chance that they'll overturn the decision.  Otherwise, they'd just let the ruling stand.  There were calls from places like HuffPost and others saying that the Court is out of touch with Americans and we need to rewrite the Constitution or some other stuff.

But a funny thing happened.  The Supes upheld the subsidies.  Now, these same people that just the previous day were practically calling for open revolt against the Supreme Court are their biggest fans.  You're a bunch of hypocrites and a complete waste of oxygen, sperm, and egg.  Get off my newsfeed and never come back.

The split among the commentators illustrates what exactly is wrong with them, how they are failing in their duties as commentators.  Back when Obamacare passed and the R's readied their first legal challenges, I infamously told them to stop.  I said that those of us who opposed Obamacare still liked some things about it, like no denying coverage to people with pre-existing conditions.  Those who supported Obamacare didn't like some things, like the Individual Mandate.  There was plenty of common ground between us that we could fix the law, rework it, and make it great for all of us.  Instead, the media continues to frame Obamacare as an all or nothing proposition, ensuring that the wedge that divides the American public remains firmly in place.  And the commentators, who should be teaching what is really going on, are the propaganda machines instead of the educators.  And the American public once again loses track of which shell has the pea under it.

Do I like Obamacare?  No.  I think it is economically unsound and only benefits a private enterprise (then again, Congress is always passing laws that are economically unsound and benefit private enterprise, the only difference here is you can find plenty of regular citizens it is actually helping).  I would love it if people could reach out other and work together to fix it.  The whole point of democracy is not "Majority rules" but to create a mutually agreed-upon set of laws so everyone can do their thing without interference or interfering.  But the people in charge don't want that.  They want the people divided.  They want to pluck the strings that hold the world.  This isn't politics, it's trolling on a national scale.  And the proof is people who are calling for everything short of armed revolt unless their own biases are validated, then they become defenders of the visions of the Founding Fathers.

As long as we continue to fall for this, as long as we let these people lie to us and manipulate us instead of letting us live and work together, this will continue.  Anger and vengence will fuel policy instead of compassion and practicality.  And that is not what the Founding Fathers had in mind.

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