Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

Lollercoaster! Everybody Buckle Up And Enjoy The Ride!

My brother-in-law is supposedly an expert on cars.  Always offering to save me a few bucks.  He did a brake job and didn't replace the bearings.  He figured they were so big, there's no way they could fail.  Well, they did, and I had to replace the axle etc.  I have a strict "I'll pay" policy instead of letting him do things.

He recently traded in his small truck for a car.  Straight trade, no money changing hands.  Still hearing about how much he knows about cars, how he's a shrewd negotiator, how the truck was starting to have some problems and he really pulled one over on the guy.

Today, the car won't start.  For the first time, he looks under the hood.

What makes me so sure it was the first time?

There was a lawn mower battery wired in instead of a regular car battery.

I must have laughed for twenty minutes.  I nearly passed out (I collapsed on the floor) and am now a bit hoarse.

But goddamn, that was worth it.
Tags: important life lessons, just desserts, stupidity, wtf
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