Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

Trumping The Shark

Oh, hi, Donald Trump.  So how are you holding up?

It has not been lost on political observers that Trump now stands alone, like the cheese, as every Republican distances themselves from him for the nasty remarks he made.  The reason it hasn't been lost is that the R's have a nasty tendency to frown on any social stance that postdates 1955.  So why are they so upset for Trump for saying something people accuse them all of thinking?

The shame is, it's actually quite obvious why the R's are dogpiling on Trump, especially if you've been paying attention to the gossip since he teased his candidacy.  So allow me to explain what's going on.  It's actually quite simple.

If you want to know where to start on this journey, you need look no further than the polls taken in projected straw poll states.  Trump will never win the Presidency.  And he knows it.  But, he has so much name recongition that he is finishing #1 or #2 in the polls in the straw states.

In other words, he's acquiring attention and campaign money that the other candidates desperately need, resources which will go to waste in the general election.  The D's could put Justin Bieber up against Trump and they would win in a walk (to be fair, it's not like Bieber could do any WORSE running the country, but still).

The R's are desperate to recover the White House (I still say they tanked 2008, based on how they let McCain get hammered during the campaign), and need direction fast.  They see an opportunity now that the jump in Obama's approval rating has leveled off and is dropping again.  They still haven't learned, even after Mitt Romney's spanking in 2012, that "anyone but them" and the politics of social divisionism don't apply anymore.  The field is too crowded and they need to thin the herd.  Which won't matter as long as the spotlight is on Trump.

The R's have wanted Trump to go away for a while now.  And he gave them the gift, wrapped up with a bow.  Now, everyone can hammer him and drive him away.  Once he's gone, they can get back to their wheeling and dealing.

So this is just cutting off the dead weight.  Political Darwinism, more resources for those left.  Once he's gone, it'll be back to business as usual.

But for now?  There's fresh meat to cook.
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