Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

I'm Going To Be A Bitch Tomorrow

Remember a game called "Beer Hunter?"

My sister and the brother in law are coming to visit the 'rents tomorrow.

From the sound of my mom and dad's voices over the phone, the meeting when they first got back did not go over very well.

Dad instructed me to pick up some Pepsi and bring it with.

He isn't getting it himself, even though he needs to go to the store to get fixings for lunch tomorrow.

Yeah.  I know the score.

I have acquired several packs of Pepsi in 16 oz. plastic bottles.  I have taken a random bottle or two from each pack, carefully removed the lid so as not to break the safety seal, and replaced the contents with a mixture of club soda and soy sauce, afterwards replacing the cap.

I don't drink soda.  Mom and dad drink Coke.  Hijinks shall ensue.
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