Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

Bells Are Ringing....

Trump did that.

He actually did that.

He gave out the private phone number of his rival and critic Lindsey Graham.

This is an all points bulliten from the Sine Timore Early Warning System.  Anyone within 50 miles of a Republican candidate is advised to run as far away as you can and go someplace with lots of cameras to establish an alibi.  Trump just declared war, and shit is about to get real.

For those wondering what exactly I'm talking about, earlier today, Graham appeared on CBS This Morning and told Trump to "stop being a jackass."  I've been mentioning Trump is exhibiting the signs of Narcissistic Personality Disorder, and that little shot worried me.  You don't confront a narcissist if at all possible, because any affront to their ego means they will use any means necessary to smack you down and teach you a lesson.  Yes, the R's need to deal with him, but that was the wrong way to do it.

Trump was in South Carolina today giving a speech.  SC is Graham's home state.  During the speech, Trump called Graham an "idiot".  And after a few minutes, he circled back to his rival.  He took out a piece of card that he claimed he had written Graham's cell phone number on a few years ago.  Supposedly, Graham wanted to appear on Fox And Friends and, according to Trump, was "begging" him to help make it happen.  Said our l337 doxXxer, "He said, 'Could you mention my name?' And I said, 'Yes, I'll mention,'" Trump said. "And he gave me his number, and I found the card."  He then read the number to the audience and told everyone, "I don't know, give it a shot."

It was actually Graham's cell phone number.  Note the "was" in that sentence.  I can guarantee it's been changed now.

Trump has too many political connections and too many R's seeking his approval.  There is no way that Trump and Graham had no way to communicate other than Graham shooting him his cell phone number instead of, say, his staffers who coordinate interviews and press appearances.  I don't buy for one minute that Trump had misplaced the number until the day of a speech in SC.  I don't buy it at all.

Trump meant this as a warning shot.  In actuality, this was an act of war.  EVERY R (and quite a few D's) are going to be worried that Trump will pull similar stunts with them, leak personal information, or anything.  You think the criticism of The Chicago Way White House is bad?  Trump will make that look like a bake sale in comparison.

Which means everybody is now united in stopping him.  Republicans.  Democrats.  Their loyal subjects in the press corps.  Their PAC's.  Everybody is looking to strip that hairpiece off Trump's head and nail it to the wall.

I've seen this happen before.  It's classic Chicago politics.  So if your presence in the campaign is unnecessary, get out of there and hide until this blows over.  The goal is removing Trump from the equation.  Surgical strikes are not an option, they are going to go nuclear.  Keep your butt covered.
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