Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

Priorities Are Job #1...Wait....

I've been getting all sorts of messages, links, and other contacts regarding Cecil the lion and his death, asking me to take part and stand up for this travesty.

And it's times like this that I'm thankful that I can flag those messages as spam and ignore them.

I understand people are upset.  Truly I do.  My problem is, I don't think they have their priorities straight.

We live in a world that loves animals.  It values them.  And yet, it does so at the expense of fellow human beings.  In the Chicago area, we had a public resistence to building a homeless shelter for people who genuinely need help.  They didn't want derelicts and vagrants in their neighborhood.  But a shelter for homeless pets got all its funding and then some strictly from voluntary donations.

Years ago, some moron jumped a fence in a zoo so that he could commune with a lion.  The lion killed him.  Funds were set up for the guy's kid for a college fund and one for the lion to take care of it because the zoo was threatening to euthenize it.  The fund for the lion got over ten times the donations the kid's got.

And now, Cecil the lion.  People aren't mentioning that Cecil was killed by a hunt club, so clearly there are other critters getting offed just for sport, but Cecil was the one to trigger outrage?  Need I remind you that we live in a country where black people are being killed by cops under very questionable circumstances and yet Dylan Roof, who just murdered a bunch of black people in a church, is not only taken alive, but is brought Burger King while in custody when he said he was hungry.  Cecil the lion lived in a country with poor infrastructure, people without electricity, clean water, schools, and other things we modern Americans take for granted.  Where's the petitions?  Where's the outrage?  It's all being spent on something that shouldn't be getting anywhere near the attention that it is.  There are people in the world dying, or being falsely persecuted, or being forced into a permanent underclass for those in power to exploit at will, and everyone is worried about a lion that was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Folks, please, remember other people.  We will do things for strangers we won't even consider doing for our own families.  Upset over the death of a noble creature?  Fine, I can understand that.  But don't forget those around you who need help -- who need more help -- and don't need you to be distracted from them.
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