Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

Please, Sir, I Want Some More

"The Republican debate is this Thursday!  Usually, you're writing more than this!  What's going on?!?"

I am being largely silent on the R debate for two reasons.  Permit me to explain.

1)  This is a dog and pony show.  No more, no less.  This isn't a proper debate (as evidenced by not every candidate getting a spot on the stage, just select few).  The goal of the other R candidates is to nullify Trump.  Trump is going to get it from all corners, and he knows it.  He's already warning supporters he isn't a debater.  Trump's problem is more than that, though.  Trump can dish it out, but he can't take it.  When he recently appeared on Meet The Press and was pushed for specifics on economic policy, immigration, and so on, all he did was repeat the buzzwords that made him so popular.  Not only could he not answer the question, but he was getting flustered because this was someone who wasn't letting him hide behind his shield of rhetoric.  Every candidate is after that wig on Trump's head, and if they coordinate (which Trump revealing Graham's phone number has put them on notice that they better), they can reduce him to a quivering blob before the night is over.  The R candidates are after damage control, on a network who's boss is defying the owner by featuring Trump more instead of less in direct violation of orders.  I expect Cruz to continue to fellate Trump, as well as one or two others who want to leverage his popularity when he finally flames out (it happened to Bachmann, who was just as bombastic, it'll happen to Trump).  But those who have a legit shot have their game plan.  Watch Graham -- he'll set the tone for the whole thing.

2)  I'm frankly more interested in the D's right now.  I'm not writing anything unless it becomes official, but I have every confidence that Joe Biden is going to announce he will run.  Hillary is vulnerable right now -- when an asshole like Biden gets higher poll numbers than you, you're doing something wrong.  Given the leaks from the White House regarding Benghazzi and the email scandal, someone wants to knock the wheels off Hillary's bandwagon.  It doesn't help that she has approached her campaign as an inevitability instead of a race.  It's made her make careless choices and saddled her with more baggage.  Hillary was rumored to be the real power, the one who squashed the bimbo eruptions and such, and she does have a powerful grip on the media.  Which will only make them want a candidate who won't bully them.  Saunders leans too socialist for mainstream voter confidence, but the fact that he is doing so well against Clinton tells Biden all he needs to know.  Admittedly, a Biden campaign would be interesting from a logistical standpoint, which I will get to if he truly throws his hat in the ring this week as he is rumored to.  All I know for sure is the AFL-CIO not only is holding off endorsements and donations right now, but any chapters that issue their own (South Carolina and Vermont passed pro-Saunders resolutions) are being reminded not to do that without a national quorum.  They're shopping.  They're waiting.  And the nexus of it all is a loudmouth vice president.

I'll probably watch the debate, but I'm not expecting to gleen much from it.  The D's?  THAT'S where the action is.....
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