Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

Duggar Your Own Hole

"If you constantly act like you are better than others, people will go out of their way to remind you you are not."
--Joe Queenan

Today at lunch, I'm reading the newsfeeds, and there's an article on the Duggar family and how they are trying to distance themselves from Josh Duggar, who molested five girls, two of them his own sisters ("Do not have sexual relations with your sister, either your father's daughter or your mother's daughter, whether she was born in the same home or elsewhere."  Leviticus 18:9.  Just throwing out a suggestion for their next Bible discussion group).  The family seemed surprised that people weren't just moving on as they had hoped and were still dwelling on it, prompting them to try to figure out how to rehab their image.  The article speculated on ways to possibly make people forget about that pesky molestation thing.

Well, this ought to do it.

Most people are familiar with the web site Ashley Madison, where people can sign up for NSA sex, usually with people looking to cheat on their spouses.  I have never understood the appeal of cheating, because it doesn't seem worth the effort.  Just dump the person and start running around instead of having to hide everything.  The site got cracked (cracked, not hacked.  There IS a difference, you know) and the crackers threatened to post all the personal information, including email addresses, credit cards, names, and what the clients were looking for.

I didn't pay much attention.  I feel about people getting exposed through Ashley Madison the way I feel about people getting busted with radar detectors -- this is ostensibly a creation intended to help do something, at the very least, unethical.  I've always said there's no subsitute for simply staying out of trouble.  So I simply didn't care and wasn't going to bother reading anything about it.

Then Gawker discovered that Josh Duggar had not one but TWO accounts on Ashley Madison.

I saw the headline, and literally, I couldn't react.  I just put my elbows on the desktop and my head in my hands.  Really?  Fucking really?  Partly because it turns out the trainwreck has a few more cars to derail, and partly because, as I thought last time, oh, lord, the fanfic.  (I'm not kidding.  The profile lists, among other things, his preferences and his turn-ons -- “A Professional/Well Groomed,” “Stylish/Classy,” “Casual Jeans/T-shirt Type,” “Muscular/Fit Body,” “Petite Figure,” “Tall Height,” “Short Height,” “Long Hair,””Short Hair,” “Girl Next Door,” “Naughty Girl,” “Sense of Humor,” “Imagination,” “Creative and Adventurous,” “Relaxed and Easy Going,” “Aggressive/Take Charge Nature,” “Confidence,” “Discretion/Secrecy,” “A Good Listener,” “Good Personal Hygiene,” “Average Sex Drive,” “High Sex Drive,” “Dislikes Routine,” “Has a Secret Love Nest,” “Disease Free,” “Drug Free,” and “Natural Breasts.”  Although I would personally love to meet a woman who is both tall adn short, or relaxed and aggressive.  Just because I didn't think it was possible to be both at once.)

If the Duggars thought they were getting dogpiled before, it's about to get even worse.  For all their talk of instilling traditional Christian values and how they have it all figured out, Josh is undermining their credibility and their audience.  To be fair, the Ashley Madison stuff isn't the Duggars fault -- it's not like they "dealt with it" like they did the molestation charges.  But Josh has been exposed as a huge hypocrite, and detractors are going to make as much of the family collateral damage as they can.  The parents exploited the whole family, now it's going to be everyone else's turn.

Folks, just live a decent life.  It's so much easier than this.
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