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Good morning, Congress.  This is your wake-up call.

I had a feeling the elections weren't going well for the Democrats I checked the news before going to bed and Harry Reid announced that health care reform might not be finished this year.  O'RLY?

I was really wondering what would happen in the elections yesterday.  The national media, complicit in getting Obama elected, is continuing to spin a really bad tale about What This Means For The Republic.  And they are doing it by only acknowledging as much as they need to.

Point blank:  the voters are pissed.

And the whole, "You don't like the candidate, vote for the other" is losing a LOT of support.

Indy voters are abandoning both the D's and the R's.  Virginia lost its D governor to the R's, but that's not the important point.  New Joisey elected a Republican voter.

"Jersey has never had a Republican governor," a friend at work told me.

That made me arch my eyebrows.  IIRC, the Republican party was first founded in 1849 with a candidate named Fremont.  That means that, in 160 years, not one Republican ever won.  Even Illinois, with its bipartisan political combine running things, elects R's once in a while (R's beholden to them, but enough to satisfy some people that the combine is a myth).  But Jersey?  It sort of figures, coming from a region of the country that leans heavily towards the D's (New York, Mass, etc.), but whoa.

Now comes the scramble as D's realize they are backing an issue that could end their phony baloney jobs.  Those on the bubble won't dare support something as unpopular as government intrusion into health care and other extensions of the Politborrough.

The media has been trying to make it look like intolerance won the day -- that voters are upset over the pro gay rights agenda of the Obama administration (whoa, what an agenda.  All he did was expand hate crimes protection to gays.  Hasn't repealed don't ask don't tell, won't endorse marriage equality...yup, he's going to town, all right) or claiming, no kidding, that it's just voters upset over a black President.

Bull.  Shit.

If that were so, the R's wouldn't be hemmoraging suppporters, either.  If anything, their ranks would be growing with people outraged over Obama.

Here's the bottom line:  both sides are losing supporters because voters are figuring out both sides will sell their own mothers to a Bolivian brothel if the price is right.  Their support on hot button issues is just for support, they don't really believe in anything.  The R's thought they won when they sacrificed McCain and let Obama go unchallenged to keep the tax money for pork projects and buddies flowing, but doing so revealed the truth, and people noticed with the bailouts.  They won the battle, and are now losing the war.

This isn't just a message about Obama and Democratic agendas, it's about Politics As Usual.  And this is just now.  Imagine what happens when the Digital Generation becomes old enough to vote next year.

It's gonna be a great year....
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