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Circuit Jerk

I have been happily running Ubuntu on Kagome, my Acer C710, for almost exactly two years now.  Longtime readers will recall how Kagome is a Chromebook that I managed to trick into running Linux instead of Chrome.  I've kept up with the patches and everything, but never upgraded the actual Ubuntu system, 12.04.  And lately, I've been getting nagged to upgrade to 14.04.03.

Last night, I decided to take the plunge, and I set it to update.

Once finished, the machine runs as fast as a herd of turtles stampeding through peanut butter.  Kagome took almost four times as long to boot as usual, and two or three times each time would kick me to the log in screen.  I suddenly had extra background processes running with no way to disable them.  Adjusting swappiness didn't do anything.  YouTube video playback, which could be a bit boggy at times, was not completely boggy, 15 fps.  Regular video was the same.  I tried a few more tricks, and eventually, I couldn't even get on the Internet anymore.  Won't read any data files, no text, no pictures, no video, zilch.  Oh, Jesus, I think I just hosed my system.  I decide I'm not going to get anywhere this late, as I'm tired beyond belief, so I'll sleep and pick it up in the morning.

This morning.  I jump onto the coder channel.  Guys, I fucked up major.

"What?  What happened?"

I give a short rundown of my Tale Of Woe.

"Wait...if Kagome is down, how are you talking to us now?"

I brought Hanon (G4 PPC Mac) with, too.

"Oh, okay.  Well, the problem is 14.04.  Not only is it set up specifically to create 3D desktop effects for the UI, but it's also missing the Intel GPU drivers.  And your Chromebook can't handle the Unity 3D even with the GPU drivers." there a way to revert back to 12.04?

"Did you get rid of the files?"

Well, I had to.  I only have 9GB of hard drive space.

"Right, you didn't wipe Chrome off of there...oh, wait!  Do you remember the command to get back in under Chrome?"


"Can you get to the terminal under Linux?"

Yup.  It's the only way anything has been responding.

"This is actually going to be pretty easy.  Any data to back up?"

Already did it.

"That's my boy.  Reactivate Chrome."


"Connect to the net.  Go to the Chrome command line, enter Chronos, then sudo bash."


"Now, do you remember the command you used to install Ubuntu originally?"

Yeah.  Is the link still active?

"Try it."

It's connected.

"Here's what you're going to do -- you just do a wget reinstall."

Don't I have to do anything different?

"Not the way Linux is set up.  This will overwrite the files the upgrade overwrote, including what programs to background and what drivers there are."

Didn't the upgrade remove the drivers?

"No.  In fact, any patches and upgrades to your system like kernel patches are still there.  Once you put your backed up data on there, it'll be just like before."

It takes less time to do the reinstall, seeing as how a lot of files are already on the drive so it doesn't have to redo them.  Just like last time, the Linux desktop pops up.  I say, Okay, I'm shutting down and re-entering Chrome so I can tell it to boot under Linux all the time."

"Yeah, let me know how that works out."'s going straight to Linux.  It won't autoboot under Chrome.

"Told ya.  Your config files and everything are still there.  Run a system update."

...all patches and systems are current.  Including one I installed last week.

"Congratulations.  Kagome lives.  You got time to go laugh at the people trying to remove their Windows 10 upgrades?"

Maybe some other time, I gotta go.

So, in about 20 minutes, I went from a system that was completely FUBARed to being almost exactly like it was the night before.

And I told Ubuntu to never ask me if I want to upgrade ever again.  I'm running 12.04 with upgrades on this machine.
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