Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

I Hope She Washed It When She Was Finished With It

Ah, movie geeks.  We love to collect movie memoribilia.  Autographs.  Behind the scenes documentaries.  Entire libraries of films, even movie we don't like, just to show the vast canvas that is cinema.

And, of course, props.

With the next Star Wars film marching towards theaters and things like the BB-8 droid being in huge demand, everyone is pulling out Star Wars stuff to sell.  While I was in Florida, someone put up an actual Stormtrooper helmet from the original movie, and the thinking was it would fetch the highest price for Star Wars stuff at auction.

...well, he might have to settle for third.

This weekend was the Profiles In History auction, and what was up but the outfit Carrie Fisher wore in the Jabba The Hutt scenes in Return Of The Jedi.

No, not Boushh.  Which outfit do you think would get someone to cough up almost $100K for it?

Yes.  The Slave Girl Leia outfit.

The outfit, which Fisher famously griped long and loud about, wound up fetching $96,000 at the auction.  The winner got the outfit, the collar, some chain links (I don't know about you, but this ensemble just screams "unhealthy relationship" to me), and a certificate of authenticity signed by Richard Miller, a designer at Industrial Light And Magic.

However, the outfit was not the most persued Star Wars item.  That honor went to the model of the Rebel Blockade Runner, used in the infamous opening shot in the original Star Wars.  $450K for that thing.

I am now going to pretend I have a giant pile of money and cry in it for a while.
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