Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

Change Must Come From Within

It starts out weird.  And it just keeps getting weirder.

Around Miami, Florida, is the town of Hialeah.  The mayor is one Carlos Hernandez.  Hernandez apparently got a jewerly salesman an $180,000 loan.  Said jewelry salesman is now in jail for a pyramid scheme.  This prompted the local ethics commission to look at the loan, and they concluded in July that Hernandez lied about the interest rates on the loan.  They fined him $4,000 for this.  Hernandez called the whole thing a "political circus" and called the commission members "clowns."

So, Hernandez had to pay the fine.  And he decided to do it with 360,000 pennies and nickels.  It took 28 buckets to bring all the coins in to pay the fine.  Pretty cute, right?

Reversal.  The ethics commission refused to take the coins.  They say they only accepted checks, Hernandez intentionally borke the rules, and they have now doubled the fine to $8,000.

And Hernandez is now being sued by the Miami-Dade Commission on Ethics and Public Trust.

This could turn out to be a lot of fun to watch.
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