Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G


Dear "leet haxxor" (or "fucking wanker," whichever),

So, I just got a notification that someone tried to access one of my online accounts.  You got pretty far, too.  I'm quite impressed.

However, you have fucked up and revealed who you are.

For the rest of my readers, this particular account has some security questions, and lets you choose security questions.  Not from a predetermined list, you actually can create any question you like and supply the answer.  And this account's security question that I created is, "What was the name of your first public release computer program?"

You guessed wrong.

Now, here's the problem -- you were right not to guess "Biff's Adventure."  That is just modern OS's.  My first program was made for the Timex Sinclair 1000 back in 1983.

You guessed a title I made for the IBM PCjr. back in 1988.

A title that approximately three people know exists.

And I've already eliminated the other two.

Nice work, script kiddie.

The light inside me keeps the darkness at bay.  And it's on a toggle switch.

You have until approximately Sunday 12PM to accept my terms of surrender.  Your move.

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