Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

Today, We Have The Naming Of The Parts

I needed to do it.

I broke down and bought a new laptop computer.

I had to.  Kagome was never intended to be my primary use machine, I was expecting to have another laptop shortly after I got back from Florida in 2013.  Since then, I have returned to Florida, and I'm starting to wonder how much she has left in her.  The case is starting to crack, the fan is getting noisy, I can't work on her for fear that she'll die and any work I haven't backed up will be lost.  (When you write stream of consciousness, that becomes a major major fear.)  Plus the 9GB of hard drive space is pretty much full, with me constantly having to delete files to do things like update.  Plus, I admit, I did not like typing on her 11" screen, I need something a bit bigger at a more comfortable angle.  My writing has stalled because I can't stand the substandard size keyboard and other things.

So I now have a new machine, charging up as we speak.  Before long, I will wipe Windoze 10 off of her and install Ubuntu.  While waiting to do that, I need to name her.  As she is about getting shit done, that informs my choices.

The choices so far:

Lyta (or Makoto, either or)
Samus Aran
Martha (the only companion of the modern era I would put along the greats like Sarah Jane and Ace)

That's a start, I am open to suggestions.
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