Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

You Are Free, My Friend! Freeeeee!

Today, the day all of us video gamers have been waiting for has happened.

Hideo Kojima, after all the terrible treatment at the hands of Konami, has been released from his contract, and has founded his own game studio.

Take it away, JC!

This moved pretty quick.  Not only has he started his own studio, but he is talking with Sony about something.  We don't know if he's going first party or if he's going second party or if he's going third and they were the most likely place to start given the PS4's dominance of the current market (if I'm Nintendo and/or MicroSoft, I'm showing up at Kojima's house with a bunch of money in pillow cases with a big dollar sign on them.  Especially Nintendo, with the launch of NX bearing down like a runaway train and them knowing they need to throw down NOW).  We do not know what he is going to do first, although I'm personally hoping for a spiritual successor to Silent Hills with everybody that was involved.  And I mean everybody -- Konami just shut down a dev studio in LA, and apparently, Kojima is looking to bring some or all of them in, given that they worked with him on MGS.

The key thing is, we don't know nuthin'.  All we know is Kojima is free of Konami and its treatment and he is probably, other than Shigeru Miyamoto, the most recognized name in game design.  The man can literally write his own ticket, and I can't wait to see what he puts down.

What?  Not Silent Hills?  MGS gone on a little too long for you?  What about Zone Of The Enders?  That would be awesome.  (Anyone who suggests he design a pachinko machine deserves to have their house burnt down.)  I have an original copy of Snatcher for the Sega CD, case and everything.  Policenauts, anyone?  Imagine him overseeing two or three with a big enough staff while personally working on one.

I used to love Konami.  From my Atari 2600 days on.  Now, they are a shell of what they were (BEMANI is gone, they have all those Hudson properties but could only be bothered to make a mobile Bomberman game.  Saturn Bomberman would have been incredible).  And the last ace in their hole has moved on.  It would be so funny if Konami started unloading properties and Kojima bought MGS and Silent Hill.

For now, we must wait and see what the genius comes up with.  But it's going to be great.
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