Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

Hit The Bricks, Yo!

I have been struggling to install Linux on that new Dell Inspiron 14 3452.  I almost installed it, but it crashed the boot sector.  Now, it refuses to install at all, it loses the trackpad, and the Windows 10 OS won't let me change the install.  Resizing partitions.  Setting up new ones.  Dell, which sells machines with Ubuntu preinstalled, won't help with anything other than a Windows OS.  Canonical won't help unless you are an enterprise customer, and their online communities don't know anything.  None of the coders have any idea what to do at this point.

Fuck.  This.  Shit.

Tomorrow, I am taking that piece of crap back to the store.  How is it that I have an easier time instlaling and running Linux on a Chromebook (and that involves getting cute with the partitions during the boot process) than a regular fucking computer?!?

Dual booting Linux and Mac OS X is one of the easiest things in the world, like what it used to be under Wintels.  I'm going to start saving up.
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