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On January 2, 2016, Ammon Bundy and a group of supporters calling themselves the Citizens For Constitutional Freedom invaded the headquarters of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge near Burns, Oregon, and took it over in protest of two ranchers going to jail for clearing grazing land with brush fires with a required permit.  Bundy clearly thought that, by doing this, people would take him and his group seriously.

And how's that working out?

Well, the certainly don't seem to have the hearts and minds of the American public.  It wasn't long before Netizens were taking all sorts of cheap shots at Bundy and his group, calling them "yee-hawd" and "Vanilla ISIS" (which reduced me to hysterics the first time I saw it).  But Bundy and his crew are still going strong, and apparently believe that this kind of mockery is as far as it will go.

He wishes.

The real fun began on January 5th.  A Twitter user called colin meloy wrote:  ""Jason pressed Jed against a rack of "Birds of Oregon" books; his breath was sweet with jerky. Somewhere, an egret cried" # bundyeroticfanfic"  Yes, meloy created a tag to invite others to contribute to Ammon Bundy slashfic.

And the people responded.  Here's some of the more interesting posts:

SPYGOD -- "They didn't have food, socks, or extra underwear. But they had each other. On cold, Oregon nights, thats all a man needs."

Nick Morton -- ""Tyranny is the weight of the Feds!" Ryan thought, "But O sweet paradise is the weight of Ammon's carnal form..."

BundyMilitiaSpy -- "Jed peeled off Ammon's thermals slowly.  "We've taken back our country. Now we're gonna take our time." # RanchUndressing"

Then Bundy posted a list of supplies he was requesting from his supporters to help them occupy the building longer.  The list included body wash, shampoo, tampons, shaving cream, razors, deodorant, Miracle Whip, hay, honey, French vanilla creamer, money and gaming supplies.  Well, that touched off another round, such as by beefpiebear -- "Lavoy added Chapstick to the list of needed supplies. "Blowin' all yew guys every night is taking it's toll, dangit""

Want more?  Leonard Delaney is an erotica author who, among his credits, is a book of porn stories starring Clippy, the Microsoft Word assistant.  He has published an e-book called "Oregon Patriots Occupied My Butt," where a non-copyright infringing Captain America character stumbles across a militia led by "Aimon" who seem unclear on what exactly they are fighting for but are sure that, whatever it is, it's important.

You have to hand it to the Internet -- no matter how big a laughing stock someone is, they always find a way to give it a new spin.
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