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That's Not Spending Your Money Very Well, M$

M$ has gone berserk trying to force Linux off the netbook market.  Selling ultra-cut rate XP licenses and trying to create a netbook market where the machines can actually run Fista (of course, this means they are more expensive, so they don't go anywhere.  Why buy a tiny machine for $550+ when you can get a regular laptop for that?).  And they started bragging that Linux had only 7% of the netbook market.  Most of us observers already knew that was bullshit, but we didn't have proof.

Now, we do.  ABI Research has been digging and found that 32% of the netbook market runs Linux (roughly the same as servers).  Despite:

1)  M$ and Intel twisting Asus' arm to kill off the Snapdragon

2)  MSI claiming that their Linux netbooks had a four time higher return rate than the Win machines

3)  $7 licenses for XP on the machines

4)  Companies like Dell charging more for the Linux and XP machines than the Fista and Win7 machines

M$ tried to catch up with Linux when, at the launch of the netbooks from Asus, the market was 50-50.  So, they gained roughly 18% on Linux despite shelling out so much cash.

Combine this with M$ trying to "help" Eclipse (I suspect because people aren't interested in shelling out for the VStudio licenses), and M$ is in bigger trouble than they admit.

Oh, wait.  We have proof that they are in serious trouble.  M$ is "open sourcing" (it's not FOSS, but it is open source) part of the Win7 API's.  So there are coders acting as volunteers to make Win7 better instead of the people being paid to do it for a living.

When M$ embraces open source to make a better product, they are definitely in trouble.
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