Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

Coding Programs By Moonlight, Burning ROMs By Daylight....

On Friday, I got a message from C2E2 that they are bringing in two voice actresses from the dub of Sailor Moon and Sailor Moon Crystal, Stephanie Sheh (Sailor Moon) and Michelle Ruff (Luna).

I immediately started going over my Sailor Moon shit to see what I might get signed.  I have quite a few options, but none of them seem cool enough.  I have the Japanese games....

...oh, wait.

Those of you wondering about Operation:  Oh, Shit!, where I was going to make a Deadpool game for the Atari 2600 and start collecting sigs on it?  Well, Liefeld bailed on the show, so there is no one involved with the character or the movie who is going to be there.  So Operation:  Oh, Shit! has been scrubbed.

Which leaves me with an extra $100 that I was going to use to make the carts and boxes.

I immediately dug out my coding computer Sylvia (IBM X31, WinXP) and got to work.  And in a few hours, I had made a crude but effective Sailor Moon game for the Atari 2600.

I just sent off the ROM and label art to get manufactured, and I should have three of these things in a couple of weeks at the most.

Now, I don't know if they'll sign the carts.  But even if they don't, I have the only US Sailor Moon game.  Yeah, it's a fan game, and yeah, it's a lame shooter.  But at least I made an action game instead of a game where the girls are fucking each other.  (Yeah, I'm talking about someone specific.  He knows who he is.)

If I get sigs and a picture, you'll probably hear me halfway around the world.

Will Peter G succeed in his quest?

Stay tuned, true believers!
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