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Stop! Hammer Time!

So, I finally saw Avengers:  Age Of Ultron.  I know, I'm a bad geek -- took the day off of work to see Lazer Team and Deadpool, but still haven't seen Episode 7 and only now got around to last summer's big tentpole movie.

I'm on the phone with my dad, who has fully embraced his inner geek thanks to the Marvel movies.  And as I've long been into comics, he looks to me for extra guidance.  And in particular, the end of the movie, where The Vision picks up Thor's hammer.  "Is it because he's an android, so he can't be corrupted?"

Nah, I said.  Just regard that as a joke.  In the movie, Captain America has trouble lifting Thor's hammer, but in the comics, he has done it quite easily back when he was just The Captain and not an official Avenger at the time.

This got me thinking about the Terms Of Use for Mjolnir...Mojlni...Thor's hammer (sorry, but I just got a pop-up that said, "Are you kidding me?" from my spell checker).  The "official" description is only one who is worthy may weild the power of Thor.  But I've long heard it described as only someone pure of heart can lift the hammer.  Digression in the next paragraph, feel free to skip if you like.  This has actually varied wildly, and has made me wonder what exactly the rules are.

(Digression:  around the time Marvel was doing it's "Hulked-Out Heroes" bit, I hit on a theme for convention sketches I would get that year.  It stemmed from the theory that only someone pure of heart can lift Thor's hammer.  Therefore, Rhapsody, the girl at the center of my Sound Waves comic, would be able to do so.  So I went to conventions looking for sketches of "Thorred-Out Heroes" -- pick someone who is pure of heart, and thus able to lift Thor's hammer, and draw them as Thor.  The best came from the wonderful Scott Rosema, who drew Strawberry Shortcake, complete with strawberries where the circles on the chest armor went and the lightning bolt splatting on the ground behind her like Jell-O instead of striking.)

So, who has actually weilded Thor's hammer?  The most obvious answer is Beta Ray Bill, who I would love to see turn up in the MCU as more than just an Easter egg in Guardians Of The Galaxy.  We've seen Captain America do it.  Also Puddlegulp, who befriended Thor when he was turned into a frog and became Throg.  Okay, these check out so far.

But from here, things start to get murky.  Red Hulk managed to manipulate Thor while Thor was holding the hammer (which the regular Bruce Banner Hulk has done), get them into zero gravity space, and grab and use the hammer.  Yes, zero gravity and so on, but scientifically speaking, there is microgravity in space, science posits that everything is connected by gravitational force, and the thought of Red Hulk actually holding the hammer and plummeting through space until he hits the Earth just seems like a missed opportunity.  Besides, even without gravity, Red Hulk shouldn't have been worthy to weild the power of the hammer, so Thor shouldn't have gotten pummeled as bad by it.

Who else?  Well, during the Marvel/DC crossover, Wonder Woman was able to hold the hammer, but she rejected it because she felt it would give her an unfair advantage.  Curiously, Superman, in a more in-continuity crossover, was able to hold the hammer just long enough to repel an invasion, but once the invasion was over, he couldn't anymore.  Supposedly, the enchantments were removed long enough for him to do what he needed to do, but this is Superman, the Big Boy Scout.  No explanation was given as to why Superman wasn't worthy under normal circumstances.

In theory, Longshot should be able to weild the hammer, since his mutant power hinges on his motivations being pure in order to work.  One person suggested Peter Parker.  The guy who sold his marriage to the devil?  No.  Not happening.  (Even before that, Parker acted more like a put-upon whiner and could be quite petulant, and seemed to me to be more motivated by surivor's guilt than actually doing the right thing, so even if you ignore OMD/BND, I don't think he's qualified.)  I particularly love the thought that Doreen Green, a.k.a. Squirrel Girl, could do it, as well as maybe Groot.

What do you, the viewers at home think?  Anyone else come to mind?  Any of my ideas bad?  Enquiring minds want to know!  (Anyone who says Magneto?  Bottle it and sell it to someone else.)
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