Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

Games People Play

So I'm doing some thinking, right?

1)  The only thing cooler than getting my Sailor Moon games signed (not counting the infamous Operation:  Doggie Style -- no, I haven't forgotten) would be Guardians Of The Galaxy.  Making a quickie game for it would be a snap.  The only problem is getting it signed -- Guardians 2 comes out May 5 next year.  C2E2 is April 23.  In other words, exactly two weeks before the movie.  Now, you might think this would be a prime time for C2E2 to get some of the crew as guests.  But that would also be right when they start publicity for the movie, and given the choice between appearing at a comic book show and, say, The Tonight Show, C2E2 is going to lose.  Wizard might have a better chance next year.  Not this year -- WWChicago goes down right in the middle of shooting the movie (Michael Rooker has a couple of appearances, but if he was going to make it to Chicago, they'd be bragging about it).  WWPhilly already has several stars from Marvel movies going to be there (Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans, Todd Hiddleston, Sebastian Stan, and Haley Atwell), so they have the logistics to make it happen, although at a great cost -- Hemsworth is charging $150 for a regular photo sig and $200 for a premium item, and Evans and Hiddleston are only guaranteeing signing for people who buy the VIP pass.  If WWC nabs any amount of Guardians, this could be a very expensive operation, but I don't think I'd have it in me to resist.  Luckily, I have until at least April of next year to figure things out.

2)  As much as I love my Sailor Moon game, I can't help but think I could have done better.  Yeah, I only had a few hours.  Yeah, it turns out overtime at work would have made completing a more complicated game over the course of a couple of weeks impossible and I would have missed my chance.  But I have an idea for another SM game.  The various voice actresses are on the convention circuit, and in fact, last year, the main cast was together in Arizona.  And let's face it, I now have witnesses that I'm not some eBay flipper who will vouch for me.  So I'm going to work on a slightly more advanced game and have it on standby.  If they turn up again, I'll be ready.

3) Operation:  Oh Shit!, the Deadpool game, is pretty much not happening.  When I backburnered the project, I was shocked to see Fabian Nicieza was coming to Chicago.  If only I had my Deadpool game to sign!  Well, turns out, I did -- I have the game by High Moon released by Activision.  It currently is signed by Mister Nicieza and Chris Claremont (co-creator of Rogue, who appears in the game), and I'm targeting Michael Golden (co-creator of Rogue) at Wizard this year.  So I already have a Deadpool video game to collect sigs on, and Operation: Oh Shit! is kind of redundant at this point.

4)  Speaking of Wizard and its "pop culture" angle, I realized something the other day -- the Baywatch movie is coming next year (they are angling it to be a comedy like the movie versions of 21 Jump Street.  The Rock can tell a joke, and Neighbors proved Zac Efron has real comedic chops, so I'm actually interested in seeing this).  The most prominent Baywatch actresses, except for Pamela Anderson and Carmen Electra, have made appearances before at Wizard World Chicago -- Gena Lee Nolan, Traci Bingham, and Donna d'Errico have appeared one year, Erika Eleniak has appeared twice, and Nicole Eggert just appeared at Reno last November.  They were already trying to gather who they could back when they thought David Hasselhoff would be appearing at Chicago.  With the movie coming, I'm thinking if I want to make a game and get it signed.  Not sure why, I thought the TV show was pretty dumb.  But it could make for good stories.
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