Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

One Man's Junk Is Another Kid's Treasure

Bryce Angelone is a good kid from Cleveland, Ohio.  And like most good kids, he gets picked on by other kids who see him as an easy target because it's not nice to fight back.  And one day, some peckerhead decided to swipe Bryce's Pokemon cards right out from his hands and run.

Like all good people think to do, they called the police.  Officer Jimmy Grotenrath was dispatched to the scene.  He talked to Bryce, Bryce's mother Angela Angelone, and some neighborhood kids.  It didn't take Grotenrath long to find the perp and get the cards back.  Well, most of them.  A few were missing.  Bryce was thankful to get most of his prizes back, but when someone just steals something you hold precious, even getting most of it back doesn't handle that feeling of helplessness, that the only reason you have anything is because no one has bothered to take it from you yet.  Grotenrath hated seeing Bryce like that, but what could he do?

Grotenrath kept thinking what to do.  See, he was a Pokemon player himself when he was younger, and one thing about us Pokemon fans is our sense of community.  When Grotenrath got home that night, he went into his closet.  In there, he found his old cards from when he was younger.  "I
couldn’t believe they were still in there,” Grotenrath said.  And the next day, he stopped by Bryce's house to give him all his old cards in a gesture of good will.

Bryce was, to put it mildly, appreciative.  Gretenrath said, “I then handed him a bunch of binders where his face was smiling from cheek to cheek and even dropped them when I handed them to him in excitement. That is when he pulled out some of his other collection of Pokémon cards and was showing them off. His collection expanded even more.”

I suppose, if I wanted to be a shit, I could simply ask if those cards are even allowed in tournament play anymore.  But no.  There are so many tales of bad cops out there, of abuse of authority, of not caring, that a guy who could have just thrown something away but instead chooses to brighten a kid's day should be celebrated and everyone knows there are good ones out there.  Thank you, Officer Grotenrath, for being one of the good guys.

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