Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
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Let Your Freak Flag Fly!

First, there was the UberKeyboard, a keyboard with no markings, proving to the world that you are such a propellerhead, you don't need to look at the keyboard at all while coding.

Now, WarMouse has announced the OOMouse.  Check this out:

18 -- count 'em, 18! -- mouse buttons, an analog joystick, and programmable.  Here's the feature list:

  • 18 programmable mouse buttons with double-click functionality
  • Three different button modes: Key, Keypress, and Macro
  • Analog Xbox 360-style joystick with optional 4, 8, and 16-key command modes
  • Clickable scroll wheel
  • 512k of flash memory
  • 63 on-mouse application profiles with hardware, software, and autoswitching capability
  • 1024-character macro support.
  • Open source support software for creating, managing, and customizing application profiles
  • Import and export of custom profiles in XML format
  • Optional audio notification of profile switching with customizable wave files
  • PDF export of profile button assignments
  • Adjustable resolution from 400 to 1,600 CPI
  • 20 default profiles for popular games and applications, including 3.1, Adobe Photoshop, the Gnu Image Manipulation Program, World of Warcraft, and the Call of Duty series.
Holy shit and three thunders!  Oh, and the firmware powering the mouse is going to be GPL'ed.  Mouse designer Theodore Beale said in the press release, "You can do far more with this mouse than most people are likely to realize at first.  You can launch applications from the desktop, and in your browser you can fire up a specific Internet site with one button, then close it with a double-click on the same button. In Writer and Calc, you can have your most powerful and complicated macros on one row of buttons and simple functions like Bold, Undo, and Format Cell on another. It's very useful in games like World of Warcraft, because even without taking the joystick into account, you've got 16 commands within one click, 40 within two, and all 72 icons on the six action pages within just two double-clicks or less."
Notice they took the time to sell this to WoW players.

$79.99, details at

And, no, I don't want one for Christmas.  I already don't use two of the five buttons on my current mouse!
Tags: computers, foss, linux, open source, wtf
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