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Some days, it just isn't worth gnawing through the straps.

The fast food market has become intensely competitive.  McDonald's, once the 500 lb. gorilla, has been desperate to reverse its fortunes as Subway started destroying marketshare.  Then, Subway lost its luster and Mickey D's started the all day breakfast, which is hammering Dunkin' Donuts.  To help reverse the freefall, MD's simplified its menu, getting rid of a lot of favorites and focusing on promotional deals.  Others are trying various new items to combat the menus offered by places like Culver's.  And they curiously miss the mark sometimes -- Wendy's had a pretzel bun that sold like gangbusters but they got rid of it anyway until outrage brought it back.  Burger King tried riblets, little rib meat nuggets that sold through the roof and have never been reintroduced.  They also started offering grilled hot dogs, which are doing very well, while ditching the Big King.

Into all this comes the snack-brand hybrid -- foods that mix one popularly branded product with another.  Taco Bell fired the first volley with the Doritos shell in 2012.  Mountain Dew made the mistake of trying to create a Doritos flavored Mountain Dew, which was actually on a sort of promotional tour before Pepsi realized everyone was laughing at them instead.

Now, Burger King is still not bringing back the riblets and is trying its own snack-brand hybrid.  Introducing Mac 'n Cheetos.

I shit you not.

This...thing...is exactly what it looks like.  A block of mac and cheese covered in a Cheetos-flavored breading and deep fried until it screams, "Cardiac arrest."  It is being rolled out for the next eight weeks or until the product is sold out.  $2.49 for five.

Bon apetite.  I'll be over here with the cup of ramen instead.


Jun. 24th, 2016 01:33 pm (UTC)
I think these companies are so worried about their bottom line they don't care they are contributing to bad eating habits. I would rather see inexpensive smart healthy choices than this glob of chemicals and preservatives pretending to be food.

If I have to eat at any of these places, I almost always go for the salad. McDonalds used to have a halfway decent healthy sandwich. it was the Chicken Ranch BLT on a whole wheat bun. For years I got that.

As I get older I just can't deal with the way this fast food makes me feel, too much sodium and the ingredients upset my stomach. If I have to eat at one, when I look at them menu it's not 'what looks good' it's more like 'what's not going to make me feel like shit after eating it'.
Jun. 25th, 2016 01:05 pm (UTC)
I'm not so sure. I wonder if it's the opposite -- that the focus on junk food is just a knee-jerk response to so many people telling everyone to eat better. It could be rebellion, not lack of discipline.

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