Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

Letters From Our Readers: Stupid Is As Stupid Does

The fine and upstanding shinycat wrote in regarding my Star Trek: Axanar piece.  Specifically, the part where I mention that, according to the guidelines, fan films are now required to identify themselves as fan films --

"Shouldn't Paramount have more faith in people to tell the difference between a fan film and the real thing?"

...well...frankly, no.  People can be fooled, even those most knowledgable about a subject.  Longtime readers know that I made a Sailor Moon game for the Atari 2600 for no other reason that to collect SM signatures on it.  I want you to take a look at this picture of the game....

And this is a picture of a regulation official release Atari 2600 game, RealSports Baseball.  Check this out....

Now, I did get a couple of details wrong, I don't have the title on the top and bottom flaps, and there's no bar code on the bottom flap.  But I think you will agree I came pretty damn close.

Here's the thing -- when I went to get my games signed by Erica Mendez, I took them out of my bag, and people in line freaked out.  They wanted to know where I got it, how did I find it, and Jesus Christ, they didn't even KNOW there was a Sailor Moon game for the Atari 2600!  This was at an anime convention, with a crowd of people who recognized how old my SM DVD was simply because of the ADVision logo on it.  They know their manga and anime, they know their merch and fan items, but in this one instance, I had produced something so shocking and amazing to them that they lost the plot and thought it was real (one guy did say he was questioning it because he didn't think Atari was around at the time of Sailor Moon, but he didn't mention that until after I revealed I made them).

If it can happen to people who are knowledgable, it can happen to anyone, especially people who aren't plugged into the fandom.  Sorry, but Paramount has a point here.

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