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Batman -- Who's Your Daddy?

“The world doesn't make sense until you force it to.”

― Frank Miller

So…apparently, in the new animated movie Batman — The Killing Joke, Batman and Batgirl have sex.

Now, don’t misunderstand me.  I think this is wrong on so many levels it’s not even funny.  But here’s the thing — as creepy and sick as this is, it might not be the worst thing Batman has ever done.

Batman might be a cold-blooded murderer.

Thinking about this little event, I remembered a fan theory of mine.  I held it for a lot of years a long time ago.  And it just popped back up into my consciousness, and I remembered there has ALWAYS been a possibility that Batman is not the purest and noblest of superheroes as Frank Miller likes to espouse, but…well, let me explain.

To understand my point, you have to understand where I’m coming from.  And for that, we need to go back to the old days.  REALLY old, to the original Batman comics by Bob Kane and Bill Finger.  A lot has happened in the intervening years, including revisions to continuity that render most of this moot.  So we are going to look at things before other writers started dorking with the continuity.  This means one really important detail changes — no ninjas.  Ninjas didn’t really factor into Bat continuity until they became pop culture icons, and their presence alters a key piece of the evidence I’m going to present.

Let’s think about how Robin became Batman’s sidekick.  Dick’s parents, The Flying Graysons, are putting on an acrobatic show in Gotham when mobster Tony Zucco tries to shake down the circus owner.  To this end, John and Mary Grayson are killed in an “accident” while Bruce is in the audience.  As Dick stands there mourning his parents, Batman appears behind him and offers him a chance to fight back against crime.  Dick accepts and becomes Robin.

So, Bruce Wayne is Batman, crusader of Gotham City, the Dark Knight.  Aided by Dick Grayson, Robin, his youthful ward….

…did you ever think about that?  “Ward.”  Bruce clearly regarded Dick as a son.  And yet, the entire time, Bruce never officially adopted him, Dick remained his ward.  Why?

Because an adoption would open up an investigation into the death of the Flying Graysons.  And what could be found might be very very damaging.

I never really noticed initially, just thought it was just comic artists being generic to meet a deadline, but Bruce and Dick looked remarkably alike.  Dick almost looked like a younger version of Bruce.

So, you are Bruce Wayne.  Your parents have been killed in front of your eyes, and you decide to dedicate your life to fighting crime.  To accomplish this, you begin training yourself for any eventuality you may need.  Detective skills.  Engineering.  Criminal psychology.  Acrobatics.  So you need to learn acrobatics so you can swing around the city.  Where do you go to learn acrobatics?  Why, to acrobats, of course.  And you would go to the best there is.

The Flying Graysons.

Bruce is about the same age as the Flying Graysons.  And, as this was during his teens, he and Mary Grayson would be in the throes of hormonal influence.  It’s possible, and in fact likely, that Bruce and Mary had a fling.

What if that fling produced a son?  Richard Grayson?

Bruce had ostensibly gone to the circus to watch the show, but as soon as John and Mary are killed, Batman is instantly right there.  Like Bruce knew he would need the costume at some point during the show.  What if part of the Graysons coming to Gotham was Mary and John were going to try to shake down Bruce?  They would have heard about an acrobatic crime fighter operating in Gotham and would realize it was him.  Which would mean an end to Batman.  Would Batman have killed the Graysons and framed Zucco to keep his secret?  Then approach Dick at the most vulnerable moment of his life to keep him from ever suspecting what really happened?  Remember, as it is, everyone thinks Zucco did it and no one’s bothering to investigate further.  But what if there is more there, and all it takes is someone actually paying attention?

Now you see why I had to disallow the ninjas — with them, Bruce learns acrobatics from practitioners of an ancient art.  But if you strip that away, it is entirely possible that Bruce is a killer and basically broke Dick Grayson psychologically in order to further his agenda.

What do you, the viewers at home, think?

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