Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

Who You Gonna Call?

This weekend marks the third frame for Ghostbusters 2016.  Conventional wisdom is that most movie have made most of their money in a territory by the third weekend.

So how are things looking for GB16?

Not good.  Not good in the least.

Estimated budget of $144 mil.  Estimated advertising and print costs of $100 mil.  Those are the lowest end figures that exist, although it is likely much higher.  Remember I said I would be surprised if the movie made $100 mil, that it was possible but an extremely tall order?  As of yesterday, GB16's domestic box office haul stood at just a hair above $92 mil.  Now, the opening weekend was soft but solid, and the second week drop was only in the 50% range, which is more than respectable for any movie, let alone one that has been at the center of so much bullshit.  But still, a franchise kickstarter hasn't even crossed $100 mil yet.

Things are even worse when you factor in the global haul.  The total gross for Ghostbusters 2016, including foreign markets, is $128.3 mil.  Going into its third weekend, the movie hasn't made back its budget yet.  And according to Paul Feig, it has to hit at least $500 mil worldwide in order for all these great spin-offs and sequels and shit to start appearing.

Pool's closed.
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