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Lookin' Sick...In The Positive Sense....

If Ryan Reynolds keeps this up, I might start wanting to have sex with the guy.

I'm not a Taylor Swift fan.  I don't hate her, I just don't care for her music.  But I'm not forced to listen to her, so she does her thing, her fans enjoy it, and I'm free to like my stuff.  Her music is fine and it has its fans, so whatever.

Well, Swift has actually done something really awesome.  Swift is friends with an actress named Blake Lively.  Lively is the wife of Ryan Reynolds, #1 Deadpool fan (seriously, I don't think anyone else can reasonably claim that title now) and star of the movie.  As has been well documented, when filming finished, Reynolds stole the Deadpool costume.  He has since turned up in it for various things like a Halloween video where he swears in front of children and other nonsense.

Reynolds lent Swift the Deadpool costume for Halloween.

And she wore it.

Here's the proof --

I wonder if she's going to write a song about this?

I've already had one guy ask me if now I'm going to try to get Taylor Swift to sign my Deadpool video game with four sigs so far.  I don't know.

All I know is, there's NO WAY Reynolds doesn't make a joke about this in the next Deadpool movie.

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