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The Guardians 2 Trailer -- A Post Mortem

"Fox On The Run" by Sweet.

As much as Ioved Rocket and Baby Groot at the start, hearing the music over the trailer overrode everything.  It's the reason I've watched it over 30 times so far.  Folks?  I think the song is our biggest clue of what is going to happen in the movie.

Music is crucial in Guardians Of The Galaxy.  The teaser we got a month ago starts off with a sound that could have been someone loading a clip into a gun, but then "Hooked On A Feeling" starts, and you realize it was just Quill starting up his tape player.  James Gunn has made abundantly clear that his music choices in Guardians is very deliberate.  Only he would take "Escape (The Pina Colada Song)" and use it for an actual escape instead of a romantic interlude.  And the songs he chose always underscored the action.  (We know Gunn got the rights to "Come A Little Bit Closer" by Jay And The Americans and Fleetwood Mac's "The Chain," because those ran during the teaser footage at SDCC.)

The best known song by Sweet is the legendary "Ballroom Blitz."  And yet, he went with "Fox On The Run" for the trailer.


"I don't want to know your name
"'Cause you don't look the same
"The way you did before

"Fox on the run,
"You scream and everybody comes a-runnin'
"Take a run and hide yourself away....."

I think these lyrics reference Peter Quill, a.k.a. Star-Lord.

We know the movie takes place a few months after the first.  Marvel's official blurb from a few months ago mentioned that the Guardians are not only dealing with their new legend status after defeating Ronan, but struggling to keep their little family unit together.  My guess is that egos get big, Quill gets them caught up in something bigger than they could handle, and they have to run until they figure out what to do.

We know this is part of it.  Abelisk, the tentacle monster that we see here (we saw a hint of it in the teaser from a few months ago and some sample concept art from a magazine) is something Gunn explained is at the start of the movie.  I mean, besides being a Lovecraft tribute.  The Guardians are hired to take it out, something goes wrong, and they are being hunted down.  The start of the trailer, I'm guessing, comes at the end of the movie.  Not only is the environment different (rocks instead of refined metal), but the firefight in the sky behind Quill?  They are stuck in the middle of something big.

This is actually what makes Guardians Of The Galaxy so unique, not just in the Marvel Universe, but also among American movies in general.  Most American action movies, the hero is automatically superior to the villain.  Once in a while, you get a movie like Die Hard where the hero starts at a distinct disadvantage to the villain (McClain is in an unfamiliar environment, he is completely unprepared for what's coming, and the villain is smart enough to outmaneuver him).  But most films, the hero is simply the Hand Of Fate dishing out what needs to be done and there's no doubt in your mind that they will succeed. Guardians?  Nope.  They are the outsiders, the rejects, the people just trying to scrape by, caught up in things they shouldn't have to be and having no choice but to deal with it.

So, how does Yondu and the Ravagers factor into this?  I'm guessing they capture the Guardians.  But we know that, not only do the Ravagers mutiny against Yondu and capture him, but the SDCC footage showed Baby Groot running around to steal Yondu's fin so the Guardians could escape.  Combine that with the teaser footage of Yondu and Rocket walking on a gangway as Ravagers fall around them, and I think we see why Yondu switches sides.  (There are rumors that Gunn secured the rights to "It's Raining Men" by the Weather Girls for the soundtrack.  Please, if true, let this be the song that plays during this scene.)  And kills them -- if you look close, Yondu is whistling as he walks and you can see his arrow streaking through the air behind him from the right.

Baby Groot rules.  Hands down.  Even as he's chasing down a Ravager who is terrified of him and dragging him to his death.  And the best thing I noticed about Baby Groot was in the middle of the trailer.  HE'S WEARING A MINIATURE RAVAGERS UNIFORM, COMPLETE WITH PATCH ON THE SHOULDER.  I noticed that, and it just boggles my mind.  (I just rewatched the original teaser, and Baby Groot is wearing the uniform in the final shot on Rocket's shoulder.  I missed it until just now.)

That scene where the Ravagers get blown sky high by the blue pulse?  That seems to be after the Milano has crashed on the planet.  And if you look, just before the pulse goes off, you see Rocket standing over a device that looks like the device Quill used at the start of the first Guardians when he was trying to escape Morag -- the gravity device that pulled the orb out of the energy shield and pulled a bunch of Korath's men into a pile.

Oh, and no sign of Nathan Fillion, who has been confirmed to have a cameo as Wonder Man.  (He cameoed in the first movie under CGI as the prisoner who first accosts Quill when they are taken to the Kiln, but now, you'll see his face.)  No sign of Kurt Russell, or Sylvester Stallone, rumored to be a Nova Corp member.

I was actually taken aback when Quill, piloting the Milano, takes evasive action.  The shot cuts to outside the Milano, and you see the sheer number of enemy fights and gunfire heading his way.  Holy shit, that boy's in a heap o' trouble.

I'm wondering about the tunnels at the start of the teaser.  At first, I assumed those were passageways on the Milano, but now that I think about it, those are awfully long for such a small, close quarters ship.  That has to be a different location.  But where?  I think this part of Ego The Living Planet.  The part where we first see Star-Lord, not only is he at the end of a similar tunnel looking into a cavern of some sort, but remember what I said about James Gunn and music?  What part of "Hooked On A Feeling" plays at that exact moment?  The lyric, "Deep inside of me."  No.  That can't be coincidence.

We get a better look at Quill's T-shirt in the scene with Mantis.  Surprise!  People have decoded the shirt.  Really.  Someone discovered the symbols aren't random, but correspond with the keys on the keyboard during the prison processing scene in the first movie.  The T-shirt allegedly says, "Gears shift."  No idea what that means, it could be just another Easter egg, but there you go.

Gunn had a scene that was to feature a David Bowie song, but he had to cut the scene.  He's still hoping to include the song somewhere in there, though.

May 5th, 2017.  I will be there.  Will you?


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