Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G


A couple of weeks ago, I found my old PlayStation Portable (slim model, no. 2001-01).  The battery was shot, physically broken down, but nothing leaked in the unit.  So I was wondering if it would still work.  The problem being, I didn't remember where I put the games, and I didn't remember where I put the power brick.

Last night, as I was plugging in my tablets to charge them up, I looked a collection of wires next to my charger.

The PSP power brick was in there.

I have no idea how it got there.  I have no recollection of finding it, let alone putting it there.  But there it was.  Plugged in the unit.  Loose connection if the adapter plug rotates past a certain point, but a battery will render that moot.  Soon found my old games and the TV out cable.

I jump on the channel.  My biggest disappointment was I couldn't play games on my TV with it.  That was the whole reason I bought it in the first place.

"What model is it again?"

2001-01, slim.

"Oh, those TV out.  Only the original 1000 and 1001 models don't TV out the games."

Really?!?, how do I customize the firmware?

"Looking to play homebrews?"

Maybe.  I'm more interested in getting an Atari emulator.

"Of course, you are.  Actually, they figured that out.  You don't need custom firmware to run homebrews anymore."


"Yeah.  I got a bunch of emulators and games.  I can toss them on a stick for you..."


" exchange for...."


"You have an extra of the My Little Pony game you made for the Atari?" seriously want that?


It's wank.

"So are the iOS games.  At least this won't charge me every time I play it."

I make sure he understands the game and how it plays.  He still wants it, and in exchange, he'll send me the stick free of charge.  Oh, and I have to sign it, natch.

Free trade zone, indeed.

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