Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

The Passing Of The Torch

Kagome, my Acer C710, has died.

Just as her replacement is up and running.  Literally.

I've never made any secret that Kagome was never intended to be a heavy use machine.  Originally, she was something small and Linux-compatible that I could take with me when I went to Florida in 2013.  Her predacessor, Kylie, a Lenovo S10 Model 1, had a mainboard failure with less than a week before the plane took off.  I needed something quick, and the Acer C710 Chromebook with Chrubuntu installed was the way to go.

Kagome has been one of the toughest machines I've ever had.  She has taken falls off the countertop, an entire jug of iced tea that got poured on her keyboard, loose screws rattling around inside her, and all kinds of abuse, and she just kept on chugging.  But in the back of my mind, I knew I needed an actual laptop.  Kagome was just supposed to be a temporary measure and for light use, not most of my stuff.

Last year, I had almost gotten a new computer, a Dell, which refused to let me install Linux.  That was a no-go for me, and I took it back.  This Christmas, I decided enough was enough, and I was going to treat myself.  So I went and got myself an Acer Chromebook 15.  I now knew the trick to installing Linux without having to play with the partitions for Chrubuntu, so I wasn't worried.

The new machine sat, unused, until today, when I decided to get things done.  A little custom firmware, and Linux went on like it was nothing -- certainly a lot easier than the EUFI-hobbled Dell from last year.  While the install, configuration, and gathering of needed programs was going on, Kagome was by my side, playing music and videos to keep me entertained.

Finally, I got the last needed program installed on the new machine.

And Kagome immediately broke.

There wasn't more than a second.  One moment, she was fine.  Next, the final disk clean-up occurs for Libre Office, and suddenly, Kagome loses the sound card.  I mean, the display showed nothing.  The video had trouble playing back.  I decided to restart her, figuring that would fix things.  All I got was a black screen.  I couldn't even get to a shell to do text screen booting.  Absolutely nothing worked.

Kagome gave up.

I have her set aside, part of me is wondering if I might be able to revive her later.  But unless I necro her, she's gone.  One of the best machines I've ever owned.  She did more than she was supposed to and ran with the best of them.  I hope I can revive her, but if I can't, and until that day, she will genuinely be missed.

Which means her replacement got on the job just in the nick of time.

So as I wave farewell to Kagome, I invite you to join me in welcoming the newest computer in my stable.

Say hello to Sunset Shimmer.

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