Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

Well, If You're Going To Act Like An Adult About It....

My , this IS an interesting development....

The other day, I decided I'd had enough.  I saw a post from a "friend" a few days ago that showed a Ford pick up truck with a front bumper with TRUMP in giant letters on it.  The poster was talking openly and happily of running into crowds of people with it.

Several other "friends" of his joined in in this, saying they wanted one, or that women with babies run faster, and other such bullshit.

Some people said the whole thread was offensive.  He responded to them by calling them slurs, gender, race, whatever, and capped it off by insulting their intelligence and alliegence to America.

I simply posted, "So, just to make sure I'm clear, you feel the best solution when someone disagrees with you politically is to injure and/or kill them.  Really?"

He posted no response to this, but my comment was racking up likes.

So I made an announcement last night that I was going to cull my friends list.  If you like Trump, fine.  You like Hillary, fine.  But anyone advocating for the physical harm or death of someone just because they didn't think the same way you did was going to be cut from my list on Monday evening.  I was just delaying because, once I cut them, they wouldn't see my ESAD message.

I just went to start culling, and this asshole was the first one I was going to cut.

His profile doesn't exist anymore.

Actually, it does.  I just can't see it.

In other words, he blocked me before I could block him.

I sat there, mulling this over.  I'm not upset that he beat me to the punch.  After all, he's made it plainly evident he doesn't agree with me and considers me a waste of life because I dare to question his beloved leader Orange Julius.  Whether he blocked me or I blocked him, the result is the same -- I don't have to put up with his bullshit.  So whatever the route, the destination is the same, so I'm cool with it.

But what made me wonder was not the WHAT but the WHY.  This guy had no problem openly attacking and insulting people.  There was no debate, no points he raised, just him lashing out, a berserker rage of text on the screen.  My comment?  He didn't respond to it at all.  His buddies who were helping dogpile other people didn't say anything.

It appears he had absolutely no response, and since he couldn't use me to swing his cock around, he cut me loose.  If he couldn't use me, if, indeed, I presented an argument that he couldn't counter, I had to be unpersoned and fast.

I've noticed this about Trump supporters since the election.  They don't like it when you respond with logic, reason, emotion, anything that actually makes a point.  They want you to respond with instinctual virtiol just like they do.  They don't want a debate, they just want to see who can yell the loudest.  All the while complaining that no one listens to them or takes them seriously.

I've completed the cull.  This includes several people that I did like and respect.  But I'm sorry, wishing death on someone who doesnt view Trump as the Second Coming is a line I will not tolerate crossing.

Not that I think anyone will care.  After all, they want enemies to fight, not neighbors to live with.
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