Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

No Cure For The Pandemic

It sort of reminds me of Binary vs. Rogue.

BioWare/Pandemic was a partnership that worked hard on creating great games. EA decided to buy them up. So far so good.

BioWare has really taken flight under EA. BioWare's work was impressive enough that EA has let them take command of all of their RPG divisions.

Pandemic? Not so lucky.

Early this year, EA shut down the Melbourne division that was working on a lot of the Destroy All Humans franchise. Pandemic has really hit rough patches lately, with Mercenaries 2, their first post-buy out project wiping out, and Lord Of The Rings -- Conquest failing due to poor gameplay and questionable coding. The Saboteur was to be their next big project that would show everyone they still had the skill that led them to produce Full Spectrum Warrior and Star Wars: Battlefront.

EA has been trying to downsize and consolidate studios (they announced last week they were going to shed 1,500 jobs), and Los Angeles had two -- Pandemic, and EALA. One of them had to go, and Pandemic drew the short straw. The name Pandemic will live on, and the projects being developed by them are being absorbed into EALA along with some core staff members. But the rest? An estimated 200 people are getting their walking papers, among them Josh Resnick, Andrew Goldman, and Greg Borrud, the trio that originally founded Pandemic. And supposedly, The Saboteur is still on track for its December 8 release.
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