Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

Grievous Bodily Harm

Went to church with my teacher to celebrate the Feast Of St. Michael.

Fill-in priest running the service.

First reading is about how anyone can be called to serve the Lord. Okay.

Gospel reading about how no one who does acts in Jesus' name should be driven out. Okay.

Then, the priest asks for prayers for "the President, the Senate, and the Supreme Court."

My teacher immediately elbows me in the side before I can open my mouth. I almost called her a bitch, but 1) she's my teacher and 2) we are still in church, and I respect the other congregants even if the priest can suck a rock out of my ass, so I kept quiet.

A religious order that has helped cover up and protect child predators while claiming to care about the unborn and is trying to guide its parishioners to uphold ethics and integrity while endorsing the most corrupt President in the history of Creation has no right to call itself any sort of moral authority.

"We don't put civilians at risk OR EVEN POTENTIALLY AT RISK to save ourselves. Sometimes that means we lose the battle, and sometimes our lives. But if you can't make THAT choice, then YOU. CAN'T. WEAR. THAT. UNIFORM."
-- Benjamin Sisko
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