Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

Grabbing It By The Tail

Story Of The Day --

This story comes from a high schooler who wishes to remain anonymous, so take that for what it's worth....

So, this takes place at a high school, upper middle class or higher. As you know, high schools are full of cliques. You have the jocks, the nerds, the preps, the stoners, the goths, the artsy types, and so on.

This particular school also had itself a group of furries. They called themselves "the Wolf Pack." They would wear tails attached to the backs of their jeans through belt loops every day. So like everyone else, they made sure it was obvious they were part of their own little group.

For the most part, the other students and cliques left them alone. After all, it was just another clique. Some cheap jokes made here and there, but for the most part, no one bothered them.
That changed one fateful day when one furry, who was a major asshole, strayed away from his group during lunch. A group of boys came up to him and ripped the tail off of his jeans and started playing Keep Away with it. Now, this didn't last long, as the teachers and lunch monitors managed to put an end to it. But the furry felt angry and humiliated and decided to do something about it.

So he told people that, the next day, he was going to shoot up the school.

The administration was now on high alert just in case this kid actually did it. The next day, as soon as he got through the doors, he was intercepted by staff and cops and searched. Surprise! He actually brought a gun to school. He was expelled and arrested on the spot.

That jerked the stopper. The kids realized that they were moments away from being killed by a psycho classmate. Fury united every other student in the hall against the Wolf Pack, with everyone lunging for the tails to rip them off. It was total war.

And now, the best part --

One of the Wolf Pack was a girl who apparently had gone full tilt. Her identity was completely wrapped up in being furry, to the point where she had no friends who weren't furries and shunned people who weren't. And it was obvious that her tail didn't hang from the belt loops on her jeans like the others. Instead, it appeared to be sewn directly to the back of her jeans, coming out through the seam up the middle. Her dedication to the cause made stealing her tail a primary target.

And one guy realized he had the opportunity to do so. He was right next to her. All he had to do was grab it and give it a good yank, and he had a huge prize. So grab and yank he did.

The tail gave way with a pop.

....wait, a "pop?"


Turns out, it was just a hole in the jeans. The girl's tail was actually attached to a butt plug that she poked through the back of the jeans AND WORE EVERY DAY. It was the same tail, so clearly, she had all her jeans modified to enable this to happen. And this boy is standing there, holding the butt plug up in shock, and everyone can see it and deduce what is happening.

Obviously, nothing much was accomplished in classes for the next couple of days.....
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