Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

I Want To Get Away...I Want To Flyyyyyy Awaaaaaaaay

PREVIOUSLY -- You may recall that I believe in reincarnation, that we keep going around until we get it right and get into Heaven.  I also get occasional flashes of what may be previous lives.  I don't always buy them, aware that it could just be imagination.  But there are some things that pass critical muster and I accept them as genuine glimpses of my past.  And among them is that, in my previous life, I was a military fighter pilot who flew in World War II.  No great hero or anything (and no, I wasn't Polish, I'm not that lucky), but I was a combat pilot who logged a lot of air time.

Tonight, I meet with my teacher for dinner and so we can catch up on how things are going for us.  At one point, she gets up to go to the bathroom.  When she comes back, I'm looking over images on Daisy, my 6th gen iPad.

"What are you looking at?"

Pictures of Buzz Lightyear.

"Ah.  Thinking of making a cosplay of him?"

Maybe.  Surprised that I'd go with something so Disney, especially given my dislike of the Toy Story movies?

"Nope.  It makes perfect sense when you remember your past."

All stop on main drive.  I look up at her and ask, What do you mean by that?

"You were a military pilot.  It makes sense that you'd be drawn to that stuff."

I think you're reading too much into this.

"Uh-huh.  What was the first cosplay you ever bought?"

An Asuka Unit 02 plugsuit.

"An outfit worn by a pilot from a military group trying to defend the world.  What was the first cosplay you made for yourself?"

Starfleet sciences officer, Next Gen.

"Part of a military group, and you were disappointed that it meant you couldn't captain a ship."

What about my seaQuest uniform?

"The seaQuest was from the military arm of the UEO.  Besides, those uniforms were just off the rack Army surplus flight suits.  I was there when you ordered one."

I tried to shoot her down, but she kept winning.  When I decided to attack the fabric stash, the first thing I made was an Asuka Unit 02 plugsuit styled like a flight suit.  Same with the Rei Ayanami Unit 00.  The failed attempt to make a Mark 09 was also a flight suit.  My Moon Knight was repurposed from the flight suit I originally made for my seaQuest cosplay.  When I made my (disappointing) Masked Matterhorn and my Blue Lantern cosplays, I used my flight suit pattern as a template -- it was the only thing I thought of, I didn't even consider anything else.  In fact, the only cosplays I have that are NOT flight suits are my Doctor Strange and my Koro Sensei (I don't count my Gryffindor robes, since that's just a robe to throw over anything.  It just seems too generic and casual to be a proper cosplay).

And now?  Buzz fuckin' Lightyear, Space Ranger with Star Command.

And I felt the base of the butt plug touch my cheeks as she smiled and said, "And correct me if I'm wrong, but don't you get a performance boost if you wear one of your flight suits while playing a game where you're some kind of pilot?"

I just glowered at her.

"Funny how little pieces of your past still find a way to emerge into your current life, isn't it?"

I growled, Eat you food, and stuffed my burger in my mouth.


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