Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

The Great Debate

"You're too big to make a cosplay for."

I was meeting my teacher for dinner and brought up what I had been told.

Backstory:  with the money I was making from cosplay commissions, I was saving up initially to get an Asuka Unit 02 cosplay, as I didn't feel I had enough skill to make one myself.  Then came January, a snow day from work, and a case of terminal boredom.  I didn't know if I had enough fabric in The Stash, but I gave it a shot, moving carefully as I went.  And in a couple of weeks, I had made my own Asuka Unit 02 cosplay.  Some things I would have done different (there's no pockets, and I should have put the black outlines on the legs to break up some of the negative space), but I couldn't argue with the results.  I loved it and wore it happily.

So I had all this extra cash to commission a cosplay, but no longer needed the one I originally wanted.  So I thought it over, trying to come up with an outfit that would be fun but way too complex for me to pull off myself, so that I know I was getting my money's worth.  At C2E2, there were a lot of people dressed as DVa from Overwatch.  Women.  A couple of men.  Girls (one of whom sat at a dealer's booth all day playing a 3DS.  I don't know if she didn't want to be there or if she had gone method).  And lots of merriment.  I thought, that could be fun.

A little navigating, and I found a guy who said he could make a DVa Classic cosplay for what I could spend ($300 plus shipping).  He was going to make it like a jumpsuit instead of a Spandex zentai suit, and was even going to use pleather so that it looked really slick.  I sent him my measurements and went on about my business.

Today, I got a notice of a refund through PayPal from him.  He sent me an email saying that he was all set to start making the suit, "but you're too big to make a cosplay for" (remember, I'm 6 feet tall and about 300 lbs.).  And he apologized and refunded my money.

I told my teacher this, who just sat there staring at me like a dog staring into a fan.  "'re...too make a cosplay for."

That's what he said.

"Does he realize you've been making cosplays for yourself for almost two years now?  And that you do it with basic stuff you find at Joann's?  No special widths or orders?"

That didn't come up.

"So, this guy is an experienced tailor, and you are too big for him to make an outfit for."

I know, sounds fishy to me, too.  Maybe he just uses a computer to precut the pieces or something, I don't know.

"So what are you going to do now?"

I don't know.  I hate Spandex zentai suits.  I hated them even when I wasn't fat.  And I'm pretty sure another commissioner, if they take me, will charge at least double what he did.

"Why don't you make one yourself?"

Because the design is too complicated.

She just looked at me.  "Isn't that what you said about the Asuka before you made yours?"

I brought up a picture on my tablet.  I said, The Asuka's a cakewalk compared to a Classic DVa.  Just look at the black side and back pieces.  They're topstitched, they aren't evenly spaced, some of them even end before all the others in there.  Besides, I've never worked with pleather before.

"So use cotton like you usually do.  Cotton is more comfortable for you anyway."

I looked at her levelly. I.  Can't.  Do.  It.

Without missing a beat, she said, "Yes.  You.  Can.  In less that two years, you went from never having sewn a single thing to making a couple of Evangelion plug suits."

I made some big mistakes and miscalculations on the green Mari.

"And I bet you learned a lot from that and won't do that again.  You haven't repeated the mistakes you made on the Masked Matterhorn costume, have you?"

I can't make it accurate.  I won't be able to get the sponsorship logos that go on the legs of the outfit.

"You'd be a DVa unsullied and uncompromised by corporate money."

And how would you suggest I approach this?

"What are you asking me for?  I don't know how to sew.  You do.  You'll figure it out."

I'm not trained.  I'm just winging it and learning as I go.

"Which just proves you'll figure it out.  You have so far."

Part of me wants to do it because it would be a fun outfit.  Part of me wants to do it because, well, it's a challenge for my mind and my skills.  And part of me wants to do it just to stick it to that asshole who says I'm too big to make a cosplay for.

And so far, every time there's a quiet moment in my brain, it begins engineering ideas on how to make the outfit.  I try to get it to stop, and it keeps working on it anyway.

God help me, I'm actually considering doing this....

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