Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

I Need To Talk To My Dad Less

Mom and dad just called to ask a tech question. The conversation meandered. And as soon as my dad said, "Dr. Anthony Fauci," I rolled my eyes and tried to keep my mouth shut.

"I don't know where Fauci went to med school, but he's stupid! He was on the news, and asked if, now that the vaccine is rolling out, if we can go without masks. And he said, 'No!' What was the point of the vaccine if we still need a mask?!?"

I calmly said, Because you are still shedding virus. Even if you can't get infected, you can still be a carrier and a spreader.

My dad actually got angry with me. "You don't get any of this! You are shedding viruses ever day! You are aware you have viruses and bacteria on you, right?"


"You're already spreading viruses! Even ones you are immunized against!"

I couldn't say anything. I just couldn't understand how he isn't understanding how science and viruses and stuff works. Does he really think that, if you are immune, you are only shedding neutralized viruses and not active ones? Are you shitting me?

My dad studied nuclear engineering. How did he lose his basic scientific knowledge?

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