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"Did I Do That?" -- Steve Urkel

Long time ago, Dennis Miller more or less summed up my annoyance with Bill Clinton and the marijuana thing. "I would have respected him more if, instead of saying, 'I didn't inhale,' he said, 'Yeah, I inhaled. Then I drank the fucking bong water. What's it to you?"

Bill Maher went from a comedian I liked to someone I actively hated when he spent part of one of his stand-up bits calling to change the Constitution to ban guns since the document allows the current mood of the people to be reflected. Then, when he acted like an ass after 9-11, he suddenly embraced the Constitution, calling himself a "martyr to the 1st Amendment", despite the very logic he used to ban something he didn't like being applicable to him.

I hate people in general. But I hate them more when they do something and act like, oh, hey, I didn't know people would have a problem with it.

Hello again, Peter David.

At lunch, I'm catching up on my Comic Buyer's Guides, and among them is Peter David's But I Digress column. And in this one, he talks about the issue of X-Factor he wrote where Shatterstar and Rictor are revealed to be gay lovers and his take on the whole firestorm.

He says he never expected it to become the kerfuffle it has.

I don't buy it.

Make up your mind, David. Either you are a sophisticated 'Netizen, the guy who reminds us he's been online longer than almost any other industry pro and knows the 'Net culture, or you don't, and are surprised by things like the outrage over things like shutting down Daily Scans. It's one or the other, you can't be both.

David denies he had Shatterstar come out simply to troll Rob Liefeld. However, the "evidence" he presents is faulty. David claimed that there is lots of fanfic that speculates on or flat out states that Shatterstar and Rictor were gay, and he was simply listening to the fans, the very thing, he says, fans say the comic industry doesn't do. So don't blame him for trying to do right by the fans, he did it all for them.

Gee, there's lots of fanfics speculating that Fred and George in the Harry Potter books were incestuous and that Dumbledore and Harry had sexual relations. There's lots of fanfic pairing Princess Leia with Luke Skywalker. Kirk and Spock. The Sailor Scouts. There are plenty of fans who add these things, and no one else is incorporating them. And yet, here's on instance the fans are asking about, and he agrees to listen this time. Why this time in particular?

There was never anything explicitly stating that Shatterstar wasn't gay, so it was open to speculation. David, in fact, points to the weilding of swords as phallic symbols with a smirk. This is called "proving a negative" and is a failure in proper debate. By this logic, no one has ever explicitly stated Superman isn't bi or that he's really gay and using Lois as a beard, and no one's trying that angle.

He claims he wasn't expecting the reaction the outing got. From a guy who acknowledges that most of America opposes same sex marriage.

He talks about Liefeld's reaction and how he doesn't think Liefeld is a bad guy, he just doesn't know how his actions will be viewed by the public. And yet, part of that reaction was from David hanging out on Liefeld's message board and egging him on, mentioning the "gladiator movies" joke there. Liefeld is a LOLcow, and David was milking him. David also points out that Liefeld's hope to return to the X universe and "fix" Shatterstar is not something the current Marvel EIC is going to let happen.

David has repeatedly presented himself as a regular guy who got lucky and got to work as a pro in the industry. But reflecting on the causes he advances shows a pesky inconsistency for someone who talks about doing things on principle. From the early days of Image to arguing with Erik Larsen about Obama covers for comic books to the Marvell/Captain Marvel bit to....

Enough already. Either own up to stirring the pot, or stop stirring it.
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