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My dad was among the morons lining up for Black Friday sales. He stopped by one store and picked up some stuff for when he and my mom go RV'ing -- an electric power washer and a portable power source (jump starts cars, runs radios, voltage converter for stuff that plugs into your cigarette lighter, shit like that).

He has a doctor's appointment today, and asked me to register the stuff for the extended warranty. Odd that it isn't automatically entered into the system at the point of purchase (especially considering the store chain is handling the extended warranty), but whatever. So I call to register the power washer. Read off the info on the receipt and everything is fine until --

"What brand is the power washer?"

I search the box. There's no brand name anywhere on it that I can see. Even the website listed is just power-washer.us, not an actual brand name. Nothing on the washer itself, either.

"Well, I can register it, but if you ever have to file a claim, we'll need the manufacturer of the power washer."

In that case, why are you selling a power washer without a brand on it?

Moving on to the power source, everything is going swell until he asks for the brand.

Peak Performance.

Dead silence. "Is there another manufacturer's name on it?"

No, just Peak Performance.

"I'm not showing that in the system."

After a couple of minutes of searching, he does register that one with Peak as the manufacturer and everything is done.

But, when getting a warranty, watch out that it's something that they can track or you're going to have a fight on your hands if something goes wrong.

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