Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

Some Mighty Big Shoes To Fill

Decided to do a little Christmas shopping, as I won't have to deal with the crush of lines at this time of night. Among the places I stop is, naturally, the bookstore.

As I browse for books for my dad in the sci-fi/fantasy section, I see And Another Thing..., "the sixth book in the Hitch-hiker's Guide To The Galaxy trilogy!"

I just stared at it.

It's written by Eoin Colfer, who apparently writes a series called "Artemis Fowl" (never read it, don't know). What, Terry Pratchett was unavailable? (Pratchett has experience with Douglas Adams. He wrote the book based on Adams computer game Starship Titanica.)

I just don't know. H2G2, I personally feel, really needs Adams' unique mind to work. No one could go off on the random tangents that summed up the unpredicable nature of the world and yet bore laser-like into what exactly made human natures tick like Adams. I've never read Colfer, but I would feel a lot more confident if one of the giants like Pratchett was behind this.

I think I'll wait until it goes paperback or hits the discount bin. I just got a bad feeling about this.
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