Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

Be Our Guest, Be Our Guest....

I decided to poke my head into the ChicagoCon web site to see if they had any guests lined up yet. Among the more interesting sites, there is this pic of Michael Golden (yes, THAT Michael Golden):

I would like to point out that that picture of Power Girl, a DC Comics character, has the Marvel logo in the lower right corner. Whoops.

Anyhoo, apparently leading the parade of stars is Adam West (Batman), Julie Newmar (Catwoman), and William Shatner.

I have a copy of the Star Trek video game for the Atari 2600 signed by Sam Palahnuk, who created the original arcade game. I'm not sure I want Shatner's sig on it (after all, for me, Palahnuk's sig is the important one), and there is the question of how much Shatner will charge.

Just food for thought is all....
Tags: art, comic books, comics
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